Arbory School

A community of creative and confident learners Co-phobble kenjal dy ynseydee chrootagh as yarrooagh

To provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced, rich and stimulating. Using the strengths and expertise of all members of staff we endeavour to meet the individual learning needs of every child. The curriculum is planned to teach children ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think’, and it matches the learning expectations of the pupils to their abilities and aptitudes, enabling them to acquire the skills, knowledge, concepts and values to enjoy their present lives as well as equipping them for the future.

To provide a safe, secure environment for effective learning in a caring and happy school where achievement and success are celebrated. Within this environment we hope that children will develop a set of personal values which will enable them to lead a happy life.

To provide quality in all aspects of learning and to present children with a stimulating learning environment. Wherever possible, this is through first-hand experiences which make learning meaningful and enables children to relate knowledge and understanding to practical and purposeful activities.

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This page is where you will find essential information for parents. School_Brochure_2023_24.pdf Protocol for Video Conferencing Southern Schools Remote Learning DESC Guidance on Remote Learning Pastoral Guidance Live Lesson Safety Statement Safeguarding…

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