Arbory School

A community of creative and confident learners Co-phobble kenjal dy ynseydee chrootagh as yarrooagh

At Arbory School we aim to create a learning environment where self-discipline is promoted and respect for others is encouraged at all times.

We try to appreciate each other’s strengths and also help each other overcome individual problems.

We aim to provide a caring environment where good moral values are celebrated and promoted.

All members of the school community have a responsibility to others.
These are as follows:

Care - Everyone should behave in a way that does not endanger others.

Concern - Everyone should be ready to help and listen to others.

Courtesy - Everyone should show respect for each other.

Children are expected to be careful and understanding, polite and friendly, honest, kind and helpful to each other, and hardworking and diligent.

Children are encouraged to follow the School’s Golden Rules:

Do be gentle - Be gentle with other people inside school and in the playground. Do not hurt anyone.

Do be kind - Smile and make friends with new children. Say kind things. Work together as a team. Do not hurt people’s feelings.

Do be helpful - Help those in need whether in work or play situations. Help teachers by putting away things when you have finished with them.

Do work hard - Always do your best. Get on with your work and let others work undisturbed.

Do not waste your time, or other people’s time.

Do look after property - Use equipment carefully and sensibly. Look after your own and other people’s belongings.

Do not waste time or damage things.

Do listen to people - Let other people speak without interruptions. Listen carefully when someone is speaking to you.

Do be honest - Always tell the truth.

Do be polite - Show good manners. Remember to say please, thank you and excuse me. Share with others.

In the playground:

Do play well with others - Let others join in your games. Play fair.

Do take care of your playground - Put your litter in the bin.

Good behaviour will be recognised and reinforced using a variety of age-appropriate means.

These may include:

verbal praise
positive feedback from the teacher
stickers and stamps
whole class rewards
merit points
Headteacher’s stickers and stamps

Unacceptable behaviour will be discouraged at all times and an agreed hierarchy of sanctions may be applied consistently throughout the school.

These may include:

verbal disapproval
removal of privileges
referral to Headteacher
parents contacted by Headteacher
parental contract

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