Arbory School

A community of creative and confident learners Co-phobble kenjal dy ynseydee chrootagh as yarrooagh

Our school is greatly involved with the community and frequently invites outside groups to work with the children such as Ministers from local churches, the police and other interesting community members.

Our Manx Dancing group and choir perform regularly in the community and we support numerous local traditions such as Laa Columb Killey, a local summer fayre for the community, held in June and celebrating sports/arts and crafts.

Through the dramatisation of a play called ‘Hearts of Oak,’ we remember the historic event of the Battle of Trafalgar in October, whose unsung hero, Captain Quilliam is buried in our local churchyard. During 2009 we were invited to perform our play, ‘Hearts of Oak’ at the Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth.

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