Arbory School

A community of creative and confident learners Co-phobble kenjal dy ynseydee chrootagh as yarrooagh

To attend Arbory Primary School you need to be living in our catchment area. This includes Colby, Ballabeg, Ronague, Croit-e-Caley and Grenaby. Addresses can be checked with us or by contacting the Department of Education and Children’s Offices. (At present the online catchment map for Arbory is incorrect in respect of Croit-e-Caley and The Level). Exceptions to this rule may include children who reside out of the catchment area but whose parents have been granted prior permission for their children to attend our school by the DEC.

Children who are starting school in the school year in which they become five (September 1st - August 31st) and are registered to attend Arbory School will be invited to visit school, in small groups, for four afternoons during the summer term. This helps them to get to know the school and the teachers. Out of catchment applications cannot be processed until 1st June.

Before children start school parents are invited to a new parents’ meeting. There will be opportunities to ask questions at this meeting.

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