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Children should be receiving full-time education during the school year in which they reach the age of five. Here on the Island, parents are fortunate to be given the choice of sending their children to school at the age of four if they are four before September 1st.

New Reception children only attend school for half a day for the first week of the autumn term.

The more independent children are about some basic actions, the happier they feel about being at school. It would be helpful if all new children coming to school could do the following things:

Dress, undress independently and attempt fastenings
Use the toilet alone and flush it properly
Use a handkerchief or tissue
Wash and dry hands properly
Look after their own possessions
Remove outdoor clothing and hang them on a peg
Treat books, toys and other property with care
Tidy up
Use a knife and fork
Know when to say “please” and “thank you”
Understand that “No” means “No”

Notice and name different colours
Enjoy sharing books
Be used to making marks with a crayon, pencil or paintbrush
Enjoy nursery rhymes and stories
Begin to take turns with simple board games
Listen to others without interrupting
Recognise their own name in writing

If you would like your child to write their own names, please use lower case letters not capitals except for the initial letter.

All new entrants are invited to school for one afternoon the term before they start school. This gives them an opportunity to meet the teacher and nursery nurse, as well as making friends with the other infants.

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