Arbory School

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Lots of you have been enjoying learning at home:

A fabulous seagull which Charlotte has painted.

Charlotte has been learning about the Tudors.

Thomas climbed South Barrule with his family. Well done, Thomas!

Neve climbed Cronk ny Arrey Laa with her family. It looks a bit chilly!

Bella has been learning about the Tudors and has done some fab artwork:

Aemilia has been looking at the Wars of the Roses - isn't it fantastic?

Fynlo has been reading about Internees held on the Island for VE Day and did a word search from some of the key areas in the book.

He also completed a portrait of Henry VIII!

Alfie went for a looooong walk up South Barrule!

Aemilia and Claudia made a timeline of the Tudor monarchs:

Thomas has been enjoying making cupcakes and learning about rivers:

Rivers.pdfBaking_Cupcakes.pdf River_Project.pdf

Noah has been making a river system as part of his Home Learning:

Thomas has been working hard on his maths and Tudor topic work.

This week, Noah has enjoyed writing a poem and would like to share it with Year 5:


Marley really wanted to let his new teacher, Mrs Carr, know about some of the challenges he’s been setting himself. He’s challenged himself to walk up as many mountains as he can during this time, whilst spotting different wildlife along the way. He wanted to share photos of his successful hikes so far.

He’s very excited to return to school, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Oliver really enjoyed last week's task, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt!'

His idea for something else they could walk through was a haunted house: ‘Oooooooo creak, Oooooooo creak'!

Here are a couple of photos of what he’s been up to:

Have a look at the information Thomas has researched about France: France

He found out information about Nerys Levy:

Nerys Levy

He wrote about The World of Nom:

The World of Nom

Thomas wrote a poem about sounds.

The Sound Collector

Thomas found the area of a circle using different methods.

Franek has been making the most of lockdown! Have a look at his home learning in this downloadable file: Franek's home learning

Joe has been getting creative with Origami (Japanese art of paper folding):

Franek has tackled some creative tasks:


Ivy and Beau have been making a birthday cake. Lots of weighing, measuring, mixing and decorating!

Happy birthday, Beau!

Jonas has tackled a project about South America: